Mapping Madness

Click to download the syllabus/handout for Ron’s “Mapping Madness” talk given at the IAJGS Conference in Washington, DC on August 16, 2011


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Putting the Flesh on the Bones

Take your genealogical research to the next level, beyond simply searching for names, dates, and places – the answers to the questions: Who? When? and Where? By focusing your research on just one individual at a time, you can explore the far more interesting questions, Why? and How? Why did our ancestors behave the way that they did and how did they have in impact on us? Sound farfetched? Not really. Through two related examples from his own research, Ron shows how this process and technique works. Also provided are exercises so that you can utilize this process yourself. Learn more about creating a Life Chronology™ and understand what a Life Hub & Spoke is.

Click to download free copy of the Life Chronology (.pdf).